Sitecore Extensions version 3.1 released

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This minor release brings Sitecore 8.2 Update 1 support and adds one extra feature plus many improvements and bug fixes.


I was forced to release this version because there were some changes in the latest platform release and 4 modules stopped working.

You will benefit from that because you will get one extra feature and some improvements/fixes.

New features


Shortcuts or self-defined links are the most interesting additions in the current version.

With this feature, you can define your commonly used links and access them via extension popup or Launcher module.

In order to add new links open the extension settings page and navigate to Links section (available in the main navigation).

You have to specify:

  • name - link name, will be used for displaying purposes,
  • url - link url, relative to the hostname,
  • mode - you can specify whether link should be opened in new or current tab

You can edit all of your links on the same page (just scroll down).

There is an additional column as well (sort), which lets you manage the links order.

How to use links/shortcuts:

There are two ways:

  • Popup - once you click extension popup icon you will see additional subsection named Links. Inside, you will see all your defined links in correct order.

  • Launcher - type link name and press enter

By default, each navigation link will be opened in your current window, mode defined in settings has no effect here. If you want to open link in new tab, use Ctrl + Enter when executing link from Launcher.



Additional keys

  • Page Up - select first command from recently used commands
  • Page Down - select last command from recently used commands


Settings for Launcher were moved to the extension settings page. You can override default values now.

Available settings:

  • Search results count
  • Show Launcher
  • Hide Launcher
  • Execute command
  • Select next result
  • Select previous result
  • Select first result
  • Select last result


I hope you like the new feature. Enjoy using #sc_ext with the newest Sitecore release.

Make sure you won’t miss anything and follow me on twitter @AlanPloc

Got a nice idea for module/command? Create new ticket on project GitHub page or let me know on twitter.

Official hashtag for this module is #sc_ext

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