Sitecore Extensions version 3.4 released

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This release brings three new features, few improvements and bug fixes.

New features

Add here - placeholder name

While working with many placeholders located next to each other it might be difficult to know to which placeholder new rendering will be added.

In SXA you can see the location (placeholder path) while using drag & drop but the default Sitecore method doesn’t highlight any placeholder information.

This is my proposition to make it just a little bit better.

Remove all components inside a placeholder

Imagine a situation when you’ve added many renderings to a placeholder and you changed your mind about design.

Instead of removing all renderings one by one just find the containing placeholder and click on the new icon to delete all renderings inside it.

Extension notifications 🔔

Not necessary something that you will use but I can use it to communicate with you instead 😎

Don’t worry I am not going to spam you with unnecessary notifications. I added it to display only the information that is required.

If needed I will add an ability to disable this communication channel completely.

New admin shortcuts

Missing shortcuts exposed in the Administration panel were added to Launcher module.

Updated features

This is an improvement to the command introduced in the previous release

I improved it a little bit so link will contain a database and language in a query string.

Field inspector - loading

When an app is not warmed up yet you might encounter longer response time to some of the requests made by an extension. To let know users that everything is fine and we need to wait for the result a little bit longer extension will display Loading... text.

Additionally, notification pop-up will be displayed for those who are really nervous.

Open item in new tab on Ctrl + Enter

Launcher provides a new command (Open item in new tab)

You use it to open a currently selected item in a new tab (Content Editor).

Bug fixes

If you are interested what bugs were fixed in this release, you will find them here


Special thanks to gentlemen who reported issues and suggestions on Github:

Thank you. It kept me motivated to deliver this update.

Got a nice idea for module/command?

Please create new ticket on GitHub or let me know on twitter @AlanPloc.

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