SXA 1.3 hotfix: LookupNameLookupValue field type

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How to solve the issue with LookupNameLookupValue field while using Sitecore Experience Accelerator 1.3

Problem description

If you are using Sitecore Experience Accelerator 1.3 you will probably notice problems with LookupNameLookupValue field type. This field type is used in SXA to provide side-by-side mapping for various features.

Once you set field value and save the item you will notice that field cannot be rendered anymore.

Please go to the next section and see what you can do to mitigate the issue.



This package will revert LookupNameLookupValue field type to the 1.2 version.

  • items\core\sitecore\system\Field types\List Types\Lookup Name Lookup Value List - overwrite Control field value to content:LookupNameLookupValue12
  • files\bin\Sitecore.Playground.XA.WorkaroundFactory.LookupNameLookupValue.dll - define LookupNameLookupValue12 field type
  • files\App_Config\Include\zzzz.Sitecore.Playground.XA.WorkaroundFactory.LookupNameLookupValue.config - register field type from DLL.



The post will be updated once the fix for the issue will be delivered with the next public release of SXA.

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