Sitecore Experience Accelerator Index

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Find the most important/useful information about Sitecore Experience Accelerator in one place.


Sitecore Experience Accelerator Index


The goal of SXA Index is to deliver the most important information for starters and provide an easy way to find necessary resources with a minimal number of clicks.

Having that in mind this page will not include links to any blog posts with how-to, tutorials or features description (at least for now).


The content right now include:

  • Downloads - direct links to SXA download pages,
  • Requirements
    • Requirements table - compatibility table for Sitecore Experience Platform, Sitecore Experience Accelerator, and Sitecore Powershell Extensions,
    • Raw requirements - raw values from installation guide documents were copied to this section,
  • Sites Running SXA - list of sites running SXA, see the power of SXA in real life,
  • Demo sites - so-called reference sites. Those are demo sites with an example content which present features and teach how to use SXA.


I highly recommend you to bookmark this page. Whenever someone will ask a question that can be answered with SXA Index, just share it. I used many anchors on the page so you can easily link to a particular section.

If you’ve got an idea what else could be included on that page let me know or create a pull request/issue on GitHub.

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