Sitecore Extensions version 3.3 released

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It’s been a long time ago when I released the last version of my extension 🙄

This minor release brings two features and few improvements, bug fixes.

New features

There is a new command in the Launcher module.

When invoked it will copy “deep-link” to the context item.

Link will look similar to this one:


Right now this feature is exposed only via Launcher command.

Open the current item in dbbrowser

Quick teleport from Content Editor to dbbrowser.aspx with context item.

Extension icon

Minor update to internal functionality. Now you will never miss a new release

(taking into account current release cadence it is needed 😂)

When you click on it you will be redirected to a page with release notes.

Regular icon Icon after each update

Updated features

Field inspector - loading

When an app is not warmed up yet you might encounter longer response time to some of the requests made by an extension. To let know users that everything is fine and we need to wait for the result a little bit longer extension will display Loading... text.

Field name - auto-select

It was really hard to select field name without flipping it back and forth to field description. Right now field inspector will select field names automatically.


Got a nice idea for module/command?

Please create new ticket on GitHub or let me know on twitter @AlanPloc.

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