Multi-Browser support for Sitecore Extensions!

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Finally! Sitecore Extensions works with Firefox.


No new features this time.

It will be a quick post.

I just want to share few links for other browsers that can run sc-ext as well now.


If your only one excuse for not using sc-ext was lack of Firefox version,

now you’ve got no excuse.

See how you can get it

How to install

  1. Open Mozilla add-ons page: Sitecore Extensions for Firefox.
  2. Click install
  3. Done

Compatibility issues

  • icon won’t change its state (colour)
  • badge text won’t appear (info about number of commands/available modules)

Bonus: Vivaldi

If you are using this browser you should know that you can use Google Store extensions. That is pretty cool.

How to install

  1. Open Chrome web store page
  2. Click Add to chrome button
  3. Done

Compatibility issues

No issues. All features supported.


I don’t think it will ever happen. It seems that review is done there by a single person.

Since Jul 7, 2016, I was able to go through one review only.

No additional comments needed.


Once I finally went through the painful review for Firefox I can keep up-to-date with chrome extension.

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