Sitecore Extensions version 3.2 released

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This minor release brings few extra features plus many improvements and bug fixes.

New features

Extra Content Editor/Shell commands

New commands have been added. Learn more about new commands

Scroll to active node

Each time you execute an action which uses Content Editor tree you will be scrolled to the active tree node.

Export/Import extension settings

From now your are able to export and import your extension settings.

You can use this feature to

  • backup your settings
  • copy settings to a different chrome profile
  • edit your settings using JSON format

Global recently used commands

You are able to define whether your recently used commands in LauncherModule should be stored in:

  • local storage - separate storage for each domain
  • global storage - single storage for all domains (settings stored in extension storage)

Color mapping options for DatabaseColorModule

The DatabaseColorModule provided only one colour for web database by default. Right now you can specify your own mapping for as many database as you want with any colour you like.

Events - change database name, colour when context database has changed

Some actions may trigger events so different modules can hook into and provide event handlers. With this I was able to automatically change database colour and name when you change database in any other module.

Progress message added to the field inspector

There might appear a long delay before field inspector execute an action if your Sitecore instance just went up.

To improve user experience while using field inspector I’ve decided to add Loading... message.

Reset single field to standard values

Feature proposed by: Adam Najmanowicz (@AdamNaj)

FieldInspectorModule has been extended with another button which let you reset single field to its standard value.


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Official hashtag for this module is #sc_ext

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