This article describes how to debug SXA Scaffolding.

Another Sitecore Utility! This one lets you view what is currently inside Sitecore caches. You can also remove selected entries or clean whole content.

If you use Unicorn for serialization and create packages manually in old Sitecore way, I think it’s time for a change.

Scan your SXA solutions and find out if there are no problems.

Learn how to automate site/tenant creation with PowerShell scripts

Find all fields with incorrect title and fix them to stop users eyes from bleeding.

What is the fastest way of getting items? I present you results of my experiment performed some time ago.

Manual steps for SXA (1.2 ➡ 1.3) upgrade converted to a new upgrade script.

I present you Unicorn Dependency Graph Generator. It will give you a bit more information about your unicorn configurations and solve problems with missing dependencies.

Save your keystrokes! Don’t waste your time on entering password every five minutes when working with Powershell Extensions for Sitecore

Are you using Habitat approach when implementing projects and have PowerShell installed on your instance? I’ve got a great time saver. Read more to see how SPE can generate code for you.

In my previous post I shared with you my small improvement for Sitecore schedule task.

If you haven’t read it I highly recommend you to do it first as this blog post will be about extending existing solution.

Sitecore Powershell Extensions is a great module which improves your productivity significantly. Easy extensibility via integration points is only one of many advantages which comes with SPE1. Read more to see how you can bring those opportunities into play.